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I live on a ranch in western Colorado with my husband and 2 youngest sons. In all I have 7 children and 7 grandchildren. 


Everything we have and do revolve around relationships. We have relationships with our self, our creator, parents, spouse, children, siblings, co-workers.... the list goes on and on.

Hello, if you've landed on this page, I'd like to tell you a bit more of my story.

Today, and every day here on out, I "Spring into Life": as a transformed woman full of love, hope, and living a life of abundant joy through my savior, Jesus Christ.  My book Sprint into life was published in the SPRING of 2019 and believe me writing it was half of my healing and growth. Once I gained the clarity I needed to help others become courageously confident and to spring into their life I found a new love for my wonderful family and home.


Yes,  I am an  Author, coach, and speaker. Let me help encourage you to embrace your self-worth,  shifting your mindset to be courageous, confident, and committed.  As you Spring into a life of hope and love, you will discover how to 


Love yourself and Live a life free of shame, blame, and guilt. 

See, I've struggled with confidence through mental and physical abuse and suffered through shame, blame, and guilt while searching for love, acceptance, and validation. All while enduring eating disorders, adultery, and addiction.


I overcame these obstacles through personal development, and as I got to the other side... I knew I had a passion for helping others through this same transition. 

'So if this sounds like you, DISCOVER your PASSION.  Join me in my 30-day challenge and  discover your OUTRAGEOUS COURAGEOUS ME!'  

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